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A webcomic about a dweeb in the '80s who accidentally becomes a satanic ninja.

3.26 - Patrick Hyser

10th Sep 2016, 7:21 PM in Ninja Power!
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3.26 - Patrick Hyser
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Author Notes:

Adam Dravian 10th Sep 2016, 7:21 PM edit delete
Adam Dravian
If there's ever an SN8X sitcom spin-off, I think the Hyser house would be perfect as the focal point. You have Patrick Hyser, a middle age guy dealing with the loss of his wife and trying to run the family dojo while raising two radically different teenage daughters: Alex, a tomboy who's into martial arts, the history of war, and metal; and Heather, a preppy cheerleader who likes shopping and poetry and stuff. Pre-Satan Ninja Eddie would be the dorky next door neighbor, and of course Grandma McCarthy is the wacky neighbor. Veronica, Ryan, Tina, and Trance would all be likely recurring guest characters.

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