Satan Ninja 198X

A webcomic about a dweeb in the '80s who accidentally becomes a satanic ninja.

3.17 - Meadow McCarthy

8th Jul 2016, 11:35 PM in Ninja Power!
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3.17 - Meadow McCarthy
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Author Notes:

Adam Dravian 8th Jul 2016, 11:35 PM edit delete
Adam Dravian
Writing a comic is a lot harder than I thought it’d be. With every word you use, you’re covering up more of the art, so words come at a premium. If this were a novel, I could write a natural conversation between Eddie and Alex, weaving in important bits of exposition here and there while adding some depth to the characters and the relationship they have.

But that’s tricky in a comic. I need to accomplish a lot in as few words as possible, leaving Jessica’s art to fill in the blanks. It’s definitely taken me a bit to get used to.

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Garthvader76 9th Jul 2016, 2:27 AM edit delete reply
I find myself cutting dialog all the time.