Satan Ninja 198X

A webcomic about a dweeb in the '80s who accidentally becomes a satanic ninja.

2.3 - Eddie's Destiny

5th Feb 2016, 6:30 AM in Party Like It's 198X
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2.3 - Eddie's Destiny
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Author Notes:

Adam Dravian 8th Feb 2016, 7:39 PM edit delete
Adam Dravian
When all I had was a detailed synopsis for the overarching plot of Satan Ninja, Eddie was mostly characterized as an every-man. It wasn't until I was writing this issue that I noticed he had evolved into a naive and determined optimist. And I'm totally cool with that. It makes for a great juxtaposition with what he eventually becomes.

By the way, the brunette drug gifter there is Alex's older sister (and Veronica's best friend), Heather. The red-head on Veronica's left is Tina.


The Letter M 8th May 2016, 3:35 AM edit delete reply
The Letter M
She seems like a nice girl. She's perfect for our hero. Hope he's rich.