Satan Ninja 198X

A webcomic about a dweeb in the '80s who accidentally becomes a satanic ninja.

4.11 - Beef Lord

8th Dec 2018, 7:36 PM in Rad As Hell
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4.11 - Beef Lord
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Author Notes:

Adam Dravian 8th Dec 2018, 7:36 PM edit delete
Adam Dravian
Candi is a character that I detailed back when I was developing the comic’s lore, but I doubt much of her background will ever be revealed within the comic itself, so here it is:

When Veronica first moved to River City in the summer before she started 7th grade, the first friend she made was Candi (full name Candice). Toward the start of their 10th grade year, the two best friends went to see the popular glam metal band Makeüp Skwäd in concert. They ended up going back stage and, uh ... ‘hanging out’ with the band.

Candi, convinced that she and the band’s drummer were, like, totally in love, dropped out of school to follow the band’s tour and live with her drummer-lover in California. Veronica’s vacant best friend slot was swiftly replaced by Heather. Things between Candi and the drummer of Makeüp Skwäd didn’t end up lasting, and she eventually moved back to River City, Michigan. And apparently ended up inadvertently costing Eddie his job.

Now you know!


...(RockB) 8th Dec 2018, 8:11 PM edit delete reply
Cool background story!
SB01 10th Dec 2018, 4:22 AM edit delete reply
I was thinking, have you thought of adding this comic on Topwebcomic ? So that people can vote you and possible get more views ,fame ?